Pave Rump Steak

Frédéric Colin shares his unique sous-vide-based recipe for one of his signature dishes, pave rump steak. Born and brought up in Paris, Frédéric spent his formative years in his grand père Henri’s restaurant and kitchen. His remarkable menu is a celebration of the hearty classic Parisian dishes paired with many old recipes from his grand père.

Cooking method is based on sous vide. First, portion to 250gr. Then pan seared, NO SEASONING, with clarified butter, till nice brown colour. Then cool down the meat. Then vacuum very tight and cook in water bath control at 62° for 45min. Cool down your meat and keep it in chiller (maximum 4 days). The reheat your meat in water bath at 58° when needed for 10min. Open the bag, dry the meat with tissue, then pan seared with clarified butter till nice brown colour. Et voila!!!! Bon Appettit.

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Image Credit – Allan Morris