John Stone Dry Aged Steakhouse Burger

Dry Aged Steakhouse Burger

Our new homestyle steakhouse burgers combine the distinctive taste of our dry aged, grass fed beef with the convenience of kitchen ready delivery.

Our customers asked us for a burger that would offer all the texture and feel of a home made patty, but without the workflow and cross contamination issues of in house preparation. We also set ourselves the task of producing an authentic, homestyle burger that captured the unmistakable tenderness and flavour of our dry aged, grass fed beef.  We’re very proud to present the results: a mouthwatering blend of the finest chuck, brisket and mid rib cuts and the juiciest dry aged fat that retains its flavour and tenderness, even when well done.

We have invested in state of the art equipment within our partner Kepak’s facility in County Monaghan to produce burgers with an individual, handmade appearance both before and after cooking. We’re also working with the renowned Florrie Purcell of The Scullery in County Tipperary to supply a selection of fine condiments to offer our customer a truly artisan burger.

Our blend of fine chuck, brisket and mid rib meat with juice dry aged fat, showcases our beef’s distinctive dry aged flavour.

Each burger has an individual, handmade in-house look, thanks to our partner’s state of the art facility in County Monaghan.

As with all our beef, our burgers are delivered boxed and kitchen ready, to suit the fast pace of today’s busy working kitchens.

Our new dry aged steakhouse burgers are available now. For more details please contact Allan Morris on +353868333220 or