New Rib Primal - John Stone

New Primal Rib and Loin Cuts

Our newly refined beef primals will give you more uniformity of size, shape and quality in addition to yielding more of your customers’ most requested rib cuts.

As you may know, our founder John Stone was co-author of the seminal Meat Buyer’s Guide for Caterers in the 1980s, which set the standards for specifying primals and cuts. Since then the industry has changed, so today he is further refining two of these cuts to offer you greater consistency and higher kitchen yield. As with all John Stone beef products, we can prepare and cut these new rib primals by hand to your exacting specifications. Each individual cut is then supplied kitchen-ready, with minimal preparation required, ensuring excellent portion and cost control.


European tradition dictates the ribeye and striploin primals are separated along the tenth rib, rather than the natural seam of the meat. Although totally correct, this results in an artificially shortened ribeye and an inconsistent, elongated striploin. Our new, refined primals are cut at the twelfth rib instead, following the form of the muscle.

The uncut rib and loin runs the length of the last eight ribs and is primarily made up of the ‘eye’ and ‘rib cap’ muscles.
Cutting along the tenth rib cuts the ‘rib cap’ short, leaving the hind section of the muscle attached to the loin.
Cut at the point where the ‘rib cap’ naturally ends at the twelfth rib.

New Full Length Seven Bone Ribeye - John Stone

Our New Full Length Seven Bone Ribeye

As the name suggests, our new extended ribeye will encompass the full length of the Rib Cap or Spinalis Dorsi muscle, the corresponding section of the Eye or Longissimus Dorsi muscle underneath, and the characteristic ribbon of fat running between the two. Cutting along the muscle rather than the bone will ensure meat of the highest quality and consistency from end to end. This new, longer primal will also yield a greater number of cuts, from beautiful ribeye or minute steaks to longer lengths of tender ribeye rolls and roasts.

New Centre Cut Shortloin - John Stone

Our New Centre Cut Shortloin

Trimmed on both ends to remove the both the rib cap and rump end, our superb new Centre Cut Shortloin could be thought of as the ‘fillet of striploin’. As the natural continuation of the loin, Longissimus Dorsi or Eye muscle, this new, shorter cut offers you consistency of size and shape for the ultimate strip steak.

These new refined primals will be available very soon and we believe when you try them, you’ll be as excited as we are. For more details please contact Allan Morris on +353868333220 or