Origin Green Sustainable Development Programme

Origin Green

Origin Green is a unique sustainability development programme developed by Bord Bia – The Irish Food Board – to demonstrate the commitment of Irish food and drink manufacturers to operating sustainably.

It is founded on evidence based performance and commitment to further improvement of farming and manufacturing in areas such as, greenhouse gas emission, energy conservation, water management, biodiversity, community initiatives and health and nutrition. At the heart of Origin Green is a sustainability charter that will commit participants to engage directly with the challenges of sustainability.

What does Ireland have to offer?
Ireland’s green credentials are strong. According to EU Commission research, our dairy industry shares the lowest carbon footprint in the EU with Austria. Our beef industry, the largest net exporter in the northern hemisphere, is also among the lowest. And in a world that is facing water shortages, with agriculture requiring the use of seventy per cent of freshwater supplies for irrigation, our water stress index, not surprisingly is among the lowest in the world.

Ireland is very well suited to sustainability, however the management of our resources is now what matters and it is in measuring what matters that our green reputation can be enhanced – credibly and demonstrably over time. In this, Ireland is already a world leader. No other country in the world is carbon footprinting its farms on what is in effect a national scale, and doing so in a process of measurement, feedback and continuous improvement.